Grafton Irrigation

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Profitable Farming with Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI )

Compatible with most Centre Pivot Irrigators

Lindsay’s award-winning Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) technology designed by Precision Irrigation in New Zealand is now available direct from your local Zimmatic dealer.
The Zimmatic® by Lindsay VRI system for centre pivot and linear move irrigators provides unlimited flexibility, giving total control of where water is applied beneath an irrigator.

Zimmatic VRI provides water and energy savings of $61-$150/ha/yr

With remote programming and monitoring through the easy-to-use software interface and an advanced system controlling every sprinkler on the irrigator, water is applied at varying rates and only where necessary. VRI has been tried, tested and operated successfully on New Zealand irrigators for nearly a decade. Zimmatic VRI installations are also in use in Australia, South Africa and the USA.

Energy and Water Savings with VRI

Using Zimmatic by Lindsay VRI, cropping farmer Eric Watson of Ashburton has realized:

  • Energy savings of 5.6 percent in his first season of using VRI.
  • A saving of 5.5 ha of land that would have otherwise been watered twice due to irrigator overlap.
  • The benefit of not having to change nozzle sets between lateral and pivot modes on his irrigators, as the VRI system takes care of all of these details automatically.
  • Watson is able to stretch his water allocation out further over a season, and at peak times, run an extra irrigator on the surplus pumping capacity generated as a result of water savings over several machines running VRI.
  • Research conducted by Dr. Carolyn Hedley from Landcare Research NZ of six sites around New Zealand shows:
  • Irrigation water savings of 9-26 percent.
  • Energy savings of 27-77 kgCO2-eq/ha/yr.
  • VRI gives farmers the ability to improve water use efficiencies through pivot and linear move irrigators. This converts to water and energy savings of $61-$150/ ha/yr in situations where the soils under the irrigator are varied. Further gains in yield production increases are also expected.
  • Desk top studies carried out by Dr. Carolyn Hedley of Landcare Research NZ have shown that 15-20 percent of irrigated water and associated pumping costs could be saved.

For more information visit your local Zimmatic dealer or call Precision Irrigation at 0800 438 627, or visit to read more about what the system can do for you.

Full variable rate irrigation (VRI ) control for unlimited flexibility

Zimmatic by Lindsay VRI technology allows you to apply the right amount of water to your paddock, maximising yields and profitability. Each sprinkler is programmed to turn on/off or pulse at a customised rate, depending on crop, terrain or obstacle.

Individual sprinkler or zone control

  • Field-proven pulsing technology
  • Conserves water and uses less energy
  • Simple map-based software provides complete control
  • Works on most makes and models of centre pivot and lateral systems

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