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Lindsay Corner 4x4

Better Traction. Better Performance. Better Water Deliver for your fields


Our exclusive dual-wheel Corner 4x4 can improve your MAXfield Custom Corner System - or any other corner system - with an extensive list of benefits:

  • Works with both new and old Zimmatic® corner machines, as well as other brands of corners
  • Four wheels provide better traction and more even weight distribution
  • Better track management on ruts and ridged crops
  • Greatly reduces chance of getting stuck
  • Fits on any currently offered tire size combination
  • Utilizes genuine Lindsay parts

Corner 4x4s for corner irrigation systems

The strength and traction you need to Keep your corner system running smoothly

Improve the performance of a new or current corner system by adding the Corner 4x4 drive system, four wheels that work together to provide better traction, as well as more even weight distribution of the swing arm tower.

The Corner 4x4’s strength, durability and unparalleled traction provides better floatation – and greatly decreases the chance of getting stuck in the mud, which means less downtime and more effective watering.

Available exclusively from Zimmatic,® Corner 4x4s will work with any new or old Zimmatic or Valley® corner machine – including the MAXfield Custom Corner, the newest system to provide exceptional corner irrigation.*

*The Corner 4x4 sold by Lindsay is a “will fit” dual-wheel attachment that also fits Valley systems. This does in no way imply endorsement or affiliation of the product by Valmont Industries. Valley is a registered trademark of Valmont Industries.

For more information, visit or talk to Grafton Irrigation your Zimmatic dealer.

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