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Zimmatic GeoLateralSM

The Pivoting Lateral Advantage – Greater flexibility, Lower Input costs And Higher yields.


Get more out of under-utilized land and irregular fields with uniform coverage and greater flexibility

  • 98% coverage of square and rectangular fields with precise water application

  • Combines the ease of pivot irrigation and the coverage of lateral systems

  • Reduce labor costs as much as 70%

  • Lower energy costs through low pressure application

  • 50% to 70% water conservation over furrow irrigation

  • Durable and field proven Zimmatic machines offers years of reliability

Why the Zimmatic® GEOlateralSM?

Combine the advantages of pivot and lateralsystems – Maximize your field’s production with up to 98% coverage and uniform  water application on rectangular fields.

Increase your yields by making better use of your land with a Zimmatic GEOlateral irrigation system. Apply the correct amount of water at the right time uniformly – in every part of your field. Furrow irrigation systems fall short in this area, providing too much water in some areas and not enough in others. But this easy-to-use, economical and reliable hose-fed system can replace your wheel-line or flood irrigation system for better results year after year.

For more information, visit or talk to Grafton Irrigation your Zimmatic dealer.

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