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Maxfield Custom Corner System

A More Accurate Corner System


With its unique ability to create a custom irrigation program based on your field’s characteristics, the MAXfield Custom corner system delivers application rates with the same uniformity you get from your center pivot.


  • Increase yields through more uniform application
    The MAXfield Custom uses a pulsing sprinkler system to provide a more uniform rate of application, which typically results in improved plant yield, growth and quality. With the MAXfield Custom, you’ll see application rates similar to those of a center pivot machine.
  • Experience enhanced reliability
    The MAXfield Custom improves upon its predecessor’s impressive record of reliability with new features such as an exclusive hose-free joint that virtually eliminates leaking, while reducing friction loss to near zero. In addition, the MAXfield Custom’s structural components are common to Zimmatic center pivots, allowing interchangeability.
  • Bring more acres under irrigation
    The MAXfield Custom’s steerable corner arm has a maximum extended reach of 280 feet (88 m). Depending on field shape, this extra reach allows you to bring between 23 and 51 more acres (9-21 ha) under irrigation, effectively increasing production without having to purchase additional land.
  • Save time and labor
    As simple to operate as a standard pivot, the MAXfield Custom corner system is managed via the main pivot’s GrowSmartTM control panel. The steerable corner can be operated by a single person and requires virtually no labor input after the initial setup. With no pipes to install before planting or to remove after harvest, the MAXfield Custom’s ease of operation will come as a pleasant surprise for those relying on other forms of supplemental irrigation.
  • Experience legendary Zimmatic durability
    The MAXfield Custom may be new, but it still had to withstand thousands of hours of rigorous testing before it could bear the Zimmatic® name. Features such as vertically aligned, stainless steel inlets and outlets and a pivoting joint that allows both lead and lag rotation identify it as a true Zimmatic.

For more information, visit or talk to Grafton Irrigation your Zimmatic dealer.

Our commitment

By providing you with quality Zimmatic® products and GrowSmart™ technology, our ultimate goal is to give you the power of precision farming, while saving you time and money. With every new product we introduce and every advancement we make in irrigation technology, we remain committed to saving natural resources and improving resource management. It’s a simple goal that will help your bottom line. . . and improve the lives of people everywhere.


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