Grafton Irrigation

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Zimmatic Irrigators

THE ZIMMATIC DIFERENCE Tough, dependable Zimmatic irrigation systems have been the choice of the world’s irrigators for more than thirty years. Unlike many other long-term equipment investments, Zimmatic irrigation systems pay for themselves many times over their life span.

Strength to grow on

  • Maximize your yields By applying the right amount of water and chemicals in the right place at the right time, you can get more from your crops.
  • Reduce waste Through precision application, you can target water and chemicals to your crop’s root zone – not past it.
  • Improve irrigation control with GrowSmart™ products Only Zimmatic offers powerful, easy-to-useGrowSmart irrigation management products.
  • Save time and labor When compared with other irrigation methods, a Zimmatic irrigation system will help you maximize the efficiency of both time and labor. Plus, flexible, intuitive GrowSmart irrigation control products make scheduling and operation a snap.
  • Minimize downtime Zimmatic irrigation machines are designed and engineered for life on the farm. They’re constructed using only the highest quality components, so they’re built to last, season after season.
  • Receive support from certified Zimmatic professionals Your Zimmatic dealer will work with you to customize a system that meets your specific irrigation needs. They will also be there to install
  • the system and help you with any after-sales service.
  • Finance your system through USAID Because Zimmatic pivots are made in the USA, sometimes they can be financed with USAID funds

Our commitment

By providing you with quality Zimmatic® products and GrowSmart™ technology, our ultimate goal is to give you the power of precision farming, while saving you time and money. With every new product we introduce and every advancement we make in irrigation technology, we remain committed to saving natural resources and improving resource management. It’s a simple goal that will help your bottom line. . . and improve the lives of people everywhere.



Strength to grow on...

Dealer Service/Support
Pivot Point
Control Panels
Support Structure
Pipe Options
Tower Structure
Center Drive
PowerDrive Gearbox
Sprinkler Options
Tire Options
Tracking Solutions
Corner 4x4s for Corner Irrigation Systems
MAXfield Custom Corner
FieldPLUS Articulated Pivot
Mobile Systems
Standard Lateral Systems
Pivoting Lateral System
GrowSmart FieldBASIC Control Panel
GrowSmart FieldVISION Control Panel
GrowSmart FieldBOSS Control Panel
The GrowSmart GPS Controller
FieldLinkTM Pump Control
GrowSmart Field
NETTM Web-based Irrigation
Management System

Zimmatic Product Brochures

Product Brochures

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