Grafton Irrigation

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Measure Accurately

Pivot-Lateral-Guide_6Monitor and report the flow and effectiveness of your irrigation system

As you know, one of the most difficult parts of irrigation management is deciding when to turn on the irrigation system and how much water to apply. Water balances are essential for making wise decisions regarding water conservation and water management. At Grafton Irrigation can help you collect water usage data from a range of monitoring equipment and software for reliable and accurate results.

Effective tools to easily manage, analyze and report on irrigation activities:

  • Calculating pump efficiencies, leak detection and water balances
  • Fine tuning/improving system performance, keeping problems small and preventing costly damage
  • Monitoring the water supply and irrigation system such as well and pump performance
  • Demonstrating compliance with water regulations and generate reports for water consent
  • Measuring soil moisture and temperature
  • Accurately using fertigation- without a Flowmeter it is difficult to accurately achieve the desired rate

Ecan authorised installation service providers

  • Water Measuring Devices & Data Loggers & Telemetry Systems
  • Water measurement regulations
  • Water measuring services - such as Flowmeter selection for power, range, accuracy, cost etc...
  • Water meter suppliers and service providers
  • Consent forms and fact sheets

For comprehensive water metering advice and technology talk to us 0800 472 3866

ABB Measurement ProductsWaterMaster_Family_with_2_remote_sensors_new_720

Use electrical power effectively and to increase industrial productivity in a sustainable way. Flow Measuerment, Electronmagnetic Flow Meters & Water Meters are proven to be tough, reliable and incredibly easy to work with, ABB’s electromagnetic flowmeters also help to save resources – at every stage of the lifecycle. Learn more

GrowSmart FieldNET Web-based Irrigation


Manage all of your pivots at your convenience. Any pivot, Anytime. Anywhere. FieldNET gives you fast, easy access to your pivots from the Internet – so no matter where you are, it’s easy to manage them. The user-friendly web portal provides a quick view of every pivot, information on location, status and water usage. Upgrade at your own pace FieldNET gives you the option of upgrading from a FieldNET Advance service plan to a FieldNET Premier service plan – providing you monitoring and control choices designed for your needs. Learn more

Management System

GrowSmart-FieldVISION-Control-PanelTwo levels of pivot control. Choose FieldNET, a unique service that gives you a choice that best fits each individual pivot on your farm. Both FieldNET Advanced and FieldNET Premier provide a comprehensive array of monitoring features, so talk with your Zimmatic dealer to determine which option best suits your needs – and your farm. Comprehensive updates. Complete control. FieldNET’sWeb portal provides all of the information you need to know to keep your pivots running smoothly. Learn more