Grafton Irrigation

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Manage Easily

You can rely on Grafton Irrigation

At Grafton irrigation we know that you depend on irrigation equipment to operate under a variety of conditions around the clock. We work with you to get the most out of your irrigation plant.

  1. Convenient. We can provide on-line reports and irrigation management tools so you can apply the right amount of water at the right time via the Internet.
  2. Efficient. We offer a full servicing, part supply and engineering workshop to help you maintain your plant and to avoid costly down time.
  3. Productive. Get the most out of your land for optimum return on investment with access to the latest technology as it advances.

We offer solutions for easy field management and irrigation control

Save time, money and chemicals with an easy-to-use irrigation control panel featuring GrowSmart technology. You can use our controllers in any field condition, whether you have uneven terrain, varying soil types or are growing multiple crops. Plus, you’ll benefit every day from:

  • Precision water application
  • Significant reduction in water use, energy and chemical and labour inputs
  • Fewer worries and hassles
  • Minimised leaching of nutrients past root zones
  • Better irrigation management decisions

Irrigation control at its fastest

When you want even more control, FieldBOSS and FieldVISION provide a simple way to automate multiple zone irrigation schedules, making it easy to irrigate in any of these field conditions:

Multiple crops

  • Individualize water amounts to crop requirements
  • Improve area management of fallow land or grain crops with “soft barrier”

Uneven terrain

  • Reduce field boundary runoff
  • Minimize erosion
  • Reduce getting stuck in low areas

Variable soil properties

  • Adjust application to match soil water-holding capacity
  • Reduce over-application

Part circles

  • Control over-/under-watering in reversing areas
  • Easily auto-stop or reverse at boundaries
  • No complicated looping programs
  • Selectable reversing delay

We can help you to find the options right for you and your fields

  1. Start and stop pumps automatically with FieldLINK .TM
  2. Manage all your pivots wirelessly or upgrade to full real-time control with FieldNET.
  3. Graphic back-lit display provides effortless operation even at night.

Call 0800 GRAFTON to learn which irrigation management system is right for you