Grafton Irrigation

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Get the best from Grafton's experience

Irrigation planning is not about fitting the biggest irrigator on your land.

At Grafton Irrigation we take your resources and results seriously. That's why we have specialist staff on hand to take you through the irrigation planning process with ease.

STEP 1 - Receive Irrigation Enquiry

Client or farm consultant contacts us to see what options are available to irrigate land. We learn: 

  1. What type of crops, or pasture etc will be irrigated
  2. What involvement the client wishes to have in shifting or monitoring the irrigation equipment, this usually determines which irrigation method will be used
  3. We  determine what water is available and the method to be used to get it to the area to be irrigated
  4. Where the nearest power supply is
  5. If any obstacles are to remain on-site

STEP 2 - Review Property, Visit Farm to investigate Soil, Crop and Land:

We then look at sophisticated aerial views or your property and then visit your farm to review:

  1. Check the contours
  2. Shape of the property
  3. Geographical points
  4. Altitudes
  5. Clients farming method
  6. Determine if the suggested irrigation method is suitable
  7. Check soil types
  8. Check the water source
  9. Check the power supply point
  10. See if a gravity fed system will work
  11. Check for obstacles i.e. trees, ditches, power lines, buildings, wet areas, infrastructure etc

STEP 3 - analyse needs vs resources and Prepare a proposal:

  1. Drawings of suggested irrigation method, plus options if we feel another layout would fit better
  2. Print off the clients water consent and check if the weekly or fortnightly and yearly water volumes match what the client wants and requires
  3. Prepare the quotation including the irrigation equipment, pump installation, electrics, pipeline etc

STEP 4 - confirm proposal, drawings, irrigator method and quotes:

  1. Hopefully obtain agreement to proceed with one of the suggested methods
  2. Obtain required deposits
  3. Get property GPS’d to confirm measurements for correct irrigation fit
  4. Check & redraw chosen method
  5. Have design peer reviewed for accuracy, errors etc
  6. Order equipment

STEP 5 - arrange utilities While waiting for irrigation equipment:

  1. Ensure client organises power supply connection
  2. Install pump and associated infrastructure
  3. Install pipeline

STEP 6 - Install irrigatior:

  1. Commissions pump etc once electricity connected
  2. Trains user of plant
  3. Starts warranty period
  4. Confirms as built details

Once your irrigation system is operational we continue to work along side you, to manage your irrigation and get the most out of your investment