Grafton Irrigation

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Irrigate Efficiently


Save water and money – irrigate efficiently

Grafton Irrigation can guide you through the process of implementing and improving irrigation efficiency to increase farm profits, meet Environment requirements for consent renewal and demonstrate sustainable use of resources.

  • Custom-built systems to suit your needs and resources
  • Help with meeting the new environmental compliance
  • Options to handle your water management requirements

We help you get it right

Water is a vital component of agricultural production. It is essential to maximise both yield and quality. Water has to be applied in the right amounts at the right time in order to achieve the right crop result. At the same time, the application of water should avoid waste of a valuable resource and be in sympathy with the environment as a whole. Understanding, measuring and assessing how water flows around the farm, and recognising how farming practices affect flows, will help farmers like yourselves to manage power use, water efficiently and reduce pollution risks. That's why choosing the right irrigator from the outset is so vital. All that water adds up:

1 Tomato = 30 Litres of water
100 ml Milk = 100 Litres of water
100 grams Wheat = 110 Litres of water
100 grams Potato = 21 Litres of water

Choosing the right Irrigation System for your land, soil and crop.

At Grafton Irrigation we carefully evaluate your needs and resources to prepare an in-depth and accurate proposal for optimum irrigation, by considering the following:

  1. Water supply and system capacity
  2. Application depths and rates
  3. Maintenance and servicing
  4. Options for waste-water irrigation
  5. Meeting the new environmental requirements
Once our proposals are confirmed we supply accurate Cad drawings to our installers and arrange for your irrigation system to be installed.

Contact Grafton to enquire about installing a new irrigator or reviewing your current irrigation plan 0800 472 3866