Grafton Irrigation

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Add the GrowSmart GPS Controller for pinpoint accuracy
The GrowSmart GPS controller uses the power of global positioning to identify the exact position of the pivot. This allows even greater control and accuracy of water and fertilizer application.

The GPS Controller can be added to the FieldVISION and FieldBOSS controllers as an optional position sensor. Or add the GPS to any pivot as a stand-alone control system for up to two end-guns, or banks of sprinklers for zone control.

GPS Controller Benefits:

  • Add acres with additional end-gun control without adding extra copper control wires because the end-gun control is in the GPS Controller
  • Save water and chemicals by being more precise
  • Two control outputs on the GPS Controller provides the opportunity to turn off a bank of sprinklers for unique field conditions such as crossing water ways, patches of wetlands or other undesirable irrigation zones.
  • Stand-alone GPS Controller does not require a computer panel.
  • Just add a BlueTooth® and you can program and control your GPS Controller from you PDA or laptop from up to 100' (30 meters) away.

GrowSmart Product Brochures

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