Grafton Irrigation

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Growsmart FieldNET

Web-based irrigation management featuring full control

GRAFTON-Growsmart-FieldnetFieldNET with Map View Advanced technology equals more pivot control. FieldNET is now available with Map View, which uses GPS coordinates to let you view all of your pivots simultaneously, giving you a clear, comprehensive update on the status of all pivots. FieldNET’s Vision Zone then provides a more in-depth view of an individual pivot. Plus, FieldNET technology provides even more pivot control – no matter where you are, no matter what brand of pivot. Talk to your Zimmatic dealer about FieldNET today – and have the technology on hand to make your life a little easier. – and full remote control on Current pivot status • Pivot position • Water usage reports

A plan that fits your irrigation needs.

Two levels of pivot control Choose FieldNET, a unique service that gives you a choice that best fits each individual pivot on your farm. Both FieldNET Advanced and FieldNET Premier provide a comprehensive array of monitoring features, so talk with your Zimmatic dealer to determine which option best suits your needs – and your farm.


FieldNET, the industry’s FIRST completely Web-based irrigation management system with full remote control and programmability. A FieldNET network gives you the power to manage all of your pivots at your convenience – no matter where you are.

Configure and adjust with ease FieldNET’s user-friendly Web portal gives you a quick view of every pivot, providing information on pivot location, pivot status and water usage. Plus, you’ll get regular weather updates and access to other important information. The portal is accessible from the Internet, giving you the freedom to monitor your pivots when you’re away from home.

User friendly With its clear, easy-to-use Web portal and user friendly text messaging feature, FieldNETmakes monitoring and managing your pivots so quick and convenient, you can do it anytime.

Regular reports FieldNET provides you with reports on the status of your pivots – whenever you need them. From location to water usage, you’ll always be confident that your pivots are running smoothly.

A complete pivot network You can monitor any pivot with FieldNET – no matter what brand it is. FieldNET builds a network between pivots, giving you full control Comprehensive water usage reports make it and monitoring capabilities. easier to irrigate efficiently.


Alerts keep you updated FieldNET sends text message alerts to your phone to keep you updated on pivot status. Plus, the ability to control your pivots from your cell phone means control from literally anywhere. A comprehensive view FieldNET’s Vision Zone provides peace of mind that your pivot is reaching every part of your field – and allows you to adjust accordingly if settings need to be changed. Saves time, labor and money The ability to set and manage your pivots from wherever you are means fewer trips to your fields. And fewer trips to your fields means substantial savings on fuel, labor and most importantly, time. FieldNET gives you control, so you can spend less time managing your pivots... and more time enjoying life.


Full control – no matter where you are FieldNET gives you fast, easy access to your pivots from the Internet or your phone, so no matter where you are, it’s easy to manage them. Feel free to take an afternoon for the game – or a week for vacation. Your pivots are always a click away. Precise, efficient water application FieldNET allows you to program end guns for more precise water application and maximum efficiency when it comes to overall water usage. Easy chemigation The ability to remotely monitor and control your injectors makes keeping your fields protected and nourished easier than ever. Upgrade at your own pace FieldNET provides the future option of upgrading from a FieldNET Advanced service plan to a Premier service plan. Just ask your Zimmatic dealer about the benefits of upgrading your current controls to the full power of the FieldNET Premier. The best option for you and your farm FieldNET makes irrigation easier. . . and life a little more worry-free. Plus, the savings on labor, money and time make it even more worthwhile.


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