Grafton Irrigation

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Easy irrigation control to get water to your crops when and where you need it.

Save labor, water, and chemicals with an easy-to-use irrigation controller featuring GrowSmart® technology. You can use our controllers in any field condition, whether you have uneven terrain, varying soil types or are growing multiple crops. The FieldBOSS and FieldVISION programmable features provide the following benefits for any challenging field condition. ™

If you have multiple crops in the field, you can...

  • Individualize water applied to each crop
  • Improve area management of fallow land or grain crops with "soft barriers"

If your field has uneven terrain, you can...

  • Reduce field boundary runoff
  • Avoid over watering low areas

If your field has variable soil types, you can...

  • Adjust application rates to match soil's water holding capacity
  • Reduce over-application in parts of the field

If your field is a part circle, you can...

  • Control over (and under) watering in reversing areas
  • Easily auto-stop or reverse at boundaries
  • Delay pivot run before each delay\

GrowSmart Product Brochures

GrowSmart - FieldBoss, FieldBasic & Voice Command Controls