Grafton Irrigation

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GrowSmart FieldBoss, FieldBasic & Voice Command Controls

Zimmatic’s GrowSmart family of control panels offers many different options to handle your growing irrigation requirements.

From the standard manual controls of the FieldBasic to the sophistication of the FieldBoss, the right system is available to suit your needs, and can be easily upgraded at a later date if your needs change.

  • FieldBasic - Click here for larger imageThe FieldBasic offers an easy to use display with manual directional controls, lighted indicators and rugged reliability.
  • The FieldBoss helps you to get the most from your irrigation system - with the least time spent on site. Its programmable design allows you to develop custom irrigation programmes that conserve water, reduce power, improve crop production and save you time. FieldBoss offers all the practical controls of the Basic and many more.
  • VoiceCommand lets you communicate with your system by cellular or landline phone or radio telephone. This is compatible with both FieldBoss and FieldBasic control panels. The Remote Monitoring and Control system allows you to manage your irrigation activities from virtually anywhere.
  • GrowSmart Telemetry Network allows you to monitor and control your FieldBoss pivots from a personal computer in your home or office.

The WindowsTM based software allows you to control up to 200 systems from one location. The time and labour savings offered by this network will revolutionise the way you irrigate.

Windows-based software GrowSmart Telemetry also gives you valuable record keeping capabilities.


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GrowSmart - FieldBoss, FieldBasic & Voice Command Controls