Grafton Irrigation

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Efficient Small-field Conversion for Gravity Flow and Wheel Line Irrigators


Irrigation Generates Income

As a farmer or manager with small fields (under 80 acres/32 ha), you can adjust production practices to maximize your return on investment. Consider your irrigation system. With a Greenfield center pivot and lateral move machine, you can increase your yields and improve returns, even when precipitation is inadequate for maximum crop performance.

Greenfield vs.Gravity Flow Systems

As shown below, converting from gravity flow to mechanical irrigation is much more efficient. But it has often been difficult to put full-size mechanical move equipment to work in fields of 80 acres (32 ha) or less. Now, however, Greenfield mini-pivot and mini-lateral machines are proving to be a practical way to reduce the water, labor and energy requirements of small-field irrigation. Take a look at these studies. Then take a look at Greenfield.

Save Labor While Decreasing Water Usage And Pumping Costs Over 50%

Using a Greenfield mini-pivot or mini-lateral eliminates the hours required to move pipes or tubes, maintain ditches, and open and close floodgates. And, because less water is required, pumping costs are lower. This chart is from a study conducted by the University of Nebraska1 using comparable pivot and flood operations.

Full Coverage Plus Even Distribution

  • Compared to flood irrigation techniques, Greenfield
  • machines combine the latest in sprinkler, control and
  • mechanical move technology to:
  • Provide even, precise water application across the row
  • Minimize water loss due to evaporation
  • Allow precise timing and measurement of water applied
  • Prevent water contamination
  • Provide precise fertilizer and chemical application
  • Reduce labor costs