Grafton Irrigation

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Greenfield Center Pivots

Saves Labor, Time and Water

Greenfield Mini-Pivots bring all the labor savings, power savings and water savings plus the improved crop yields of automated center pivot irrigation to small acreage applications.

Center Pivots, through extremely accurate distribution of water at low pressures, give significant yield improvements without any water or power wastage, and the irrigation cycles can be automatically repeated over and over with no labor required for shifting or setting up.

Developed for smaller areas to 60 acres, and where low ground pressure is essential, these machines are suitable for a very wide variety of applications.

Simple to handle

No components exceed 10 ft in length, including span pipes, which ensures easy handling , erection and transport to any site by normal delivery vehicles.

Minimal Wheel - Track

Greenfield Mini Pivots combine exceptionally strong but lightweight structures supported on extra wide 26 inch flotation tires for minimum ground compaction, maximum crop clearance and positive drive under most conditions.

Machines to suit all layouts

Greenfield Mini Pivots are available in one to nine spans for irrigating from 1 to 60 acres per site and can be custom sized by span length, overhang and end gun options. Overhead or under foliage sprays are optional while the end tow package can be included for multiple watering sites.