Grafton Irrigation

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Greenfield Irrigators

Big efficiencies in small field irrigation

Ideal for Turf, Hay, Vegetables and Crops

Greenfield is support from trained irrigation professionals to help you utilize the best management practices that lower operating costs through efficient use of inputs such as labour energy and natural resources.

A Greenfield irrigation system is more than just an insurance policy against drought conditions. Producers know that water management is the key to producing high yields both for alfalfa, pasture grasses and sod. Water stress affects yield, crop growth, development and quality. Proper and adequate irrigation can also shorten the time from seeding to harvest.

Turf and Hay Irrigation

Why Greenfield for alfalfa/hay production?
Shorter irrigation time/less labor - Greenfield systems irrigate more quickly and with less labor than side-rolls, big-guns or solid-set sprinklers. No hassle of moving pipes or turning valves on and off.
Lower power costs - Greenfield systems work at lower pressures greatly reducing energy costs and specially designed sprinkler packages assure optimal watering
Higher production - Yields will increase because you can easily irrigate when required and with exactly the right amount with no stress to the crop.

Why Greenfield for sod production?
No wheel tracks - Light weight construction means less compaction, no wheel tracks and results in more harvest-able turf
Labor savings - No pipes to move, automatic irrigation saves time and money, especially with remote monitoring and control with the GrowSmart FieldNET remote management system
Adaptability - Flexibility in fitting the area to cover, irrigate only the area that needs watering while running dry over harvested areas.
Lower costs - Single phase operation reduces investment costs and Greenfield mini-pivots cost less than standard pivots

Vegetable Irrigation

When you invest so much per acre on vegetables, an automatic irrigation system is an excellent insurance policy and a way to increase production. A Greenfield machines flexibility and light weight make them ideal for irrigating all kinds of vegetables. You can grow multiple types of vegetable crops under a pivot. The machine will be designed to meet specific field size and shape requirements and a specially designed sprinkler package for your field will help to maximize crop yields.

Low pressure operation, precise water application and automatic controls result in labor, water and energy savings when compared to other types of irrigation.

Link to Vegetable Crop Irrigation from North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

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