Grafton Irrigation

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“No labour” irrigation system for difficult and awkward sites

Introducing the new Solid Set Irrigation (called G-Set, G for Grafton) invented by Grafton Irrigation.


Grafton Grafton's invention solves all the problems of awkward corners around pivots and hills too steep for other types of irrigation:

  • No labour requirement, fully automatic
  • In a fixed position, no need to shift
  • Mole plough sub laterals
  • Multiple options for control system (i.e. radio, wire, timer)
  • Individually control each sprinkler application rate
  • Uniform coverage
  • High and low pressure options
  • Applies pre-determined amount of water each day (no runoff or leaching)
  • Protective cover
  • Low profile, so spray boom can go overtop
  • Low risk damage from stock rubbing
  • Designed, tested and manufactured in New Zealand

Contact Grafton Irrigation for details 03 687 1234