Grafton Irrigation

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Measuring up to Grafton's expectations


Being able to monitor and manage water and other natural resources is a key to the future of many industry sectors, including agriculture, leisure and processing industries. Soil moisture and temperature, effluent management, weather variables and so on are all becoming increasingly important factors to measure. At DataCol, we are helping organisations and individuals improve their water usage efficiency and effluent output through the provision of monitoring tools and services. We will work with you to create a platform that you can continue to build on to make you a smarter and more efficient operator; saving you precious time and resources. Our solutions are highly reliable, industry compliant, easy-to-use and are backed with proven support.

DataCol provides technology and services that help organisations gather field data from meters and other measurement devices in the electricity, gas and water sectors. We also add value to this data by aggregating and presenting it to our customers electronically so they can use for billing, customer service, checking compliance and other activities. We currently help thousands of domestic and commercial sites collect data and turn that into useful commercial information. This helps them make better decisions and drive cash flow. With a heritage in providing solutions to electricity, gas and water utilities in Australia and New Zealand, DataCol is now partnering with a network of companies to deliver solutions to agricultural and other sectors.

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