Grafton Irrigation

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About Grafton Irrigation (2005) Ltd


Efficient, accurate and easy to manage irrigation systems

At Grafton Irrigation our main expertise is providing irrigation solutions. By designing, building and installing an irrigation system to meet the needs of all farmers, lifestylers, industrial businesses big or small. We invite you to call and talk to us about how we can help you design an irrigation system to fit your needs.

  • Easy. We do the hard yards and help you find ways to save your money and get maximum returns.
  • Convenient. We provide access to on-line reports and management tools so you can apply the right amount of water at the right time via the Internet.
  • Efficient. We offer a full servicing, parts supply and engineering workshop to help you maintain your plant and avoid costly down time.
  • Productive. Get the most out of your land for optimum return on investment with access to the latest technology as it advances.

Contact Grafton Irrigation today 0800 472 3866

Services Provided:

  • Installation of centre pivots, laterals, k line, solid set, hard & drag hose irrigators
  • Preventative maintenance on centre pivots, laterals, hard & drag hose irrigators
  • All types of water pumps serviced
  • PVC & poly pipe laying
  • Self cleaning Riverscreen installation
  • Water meter installation & wiring
  • Pump headworks fabrication
  • Fabrication of pontoons, walkways for ponds
  • Effluent pumping & application systems
  • Pipe threading
  • Submersible pump installation
  • Weekend call out service

Irrigation Parts

Grafton Irrigation has an extensive workshop that can manufacture parts as required.

  • Extensive range of poly pipe fittings including Hansen, RX Compression, RX MDOD, threaded
  • Competitive quotes for all pipe requirements
  • PVC fittings, 22, 45 & 90 degree bends, reducing sockets, couplers
  • Galvanised threaded fittings, risers threaded to order
  • Wide range of cast iron fittings – gibaults, bends, tapping bands, hydrant tees, tees, end plugs
  • Snaptite Draghose, joiners, couplings, reducing hose ends, bell couplings
  • Complete hydrant valves, take off elbows, spares to suit
  • Large range of water tanks & suppliers
  • Butterfly, ball, gate, check, non return valves, suction strainers
  • K Line sprinklers, nozzles, saddles, U bolts, tow ends, ropes, tow balls
  • Various sprinklers, spares etc
  • Petrol, diesel & electric pumps
  • ABB water meters, data loggers & telemetry
  • Irrigator Wire rope
  • Hard & drag hose irrigator spares
  • Nelson & Sime irrigator gun spares
  • Extensive range of Zimmatic irrigator spares

Our skilled workshop staff can provide:

  • fabrication
  • welding
  • cutting
  • drilling
  • machining
  • pipe threading (15-150mm)
  • pressing

Plant we operate:

  • JCB Telehandler, 9.5m reach, 3.5 tonne lift
  • Caterpillar 7.5t & 1.6t excavators
  • Mole plough for up to 75mm OD poly pipe excluding joiners. Tractor pulled
  • Pipe threading 15-150mm
  • 12t truck for plant delivery
  • General light workshop engineering plant

FREE farm visits for appraisals and quotes 0800 472 3866


Irrigation Solutions

- Centre Pivots & Laterals
- Hard & Soft Hose Guns
- K Line
- Pumping Solutions
- Installation & Servicing
- Stock Water Systems
- PVC & Polythene Pipe
- Flow Meters & Riverscreens
- Workshop Repairs
- Service Contracts
- Effluent System Design